About Dorsmith

Dorsmith doors have been at the forefront of design and manufacture of bespoke steel doors for the commercial, industrial and public sectors. Designs have been developed by our experienced in-house team to provide customers with door and frame solutions that offer high performance and quality with long life and low maintenance.
STANDARDS :Dorsmith designs and manufactures doors as per ANSI ,SDI&CPWD Standards.
We manufacture all steel doors at our production plant in Puducherry using up to date computer technology and modern machinery under the stringent control of the ISO 9001 quality system. This enables us to supply a variety of specifications depending on the application required together with a wide range of options and sizes complete with factory-fitted hardware for ease of installation.
A beneficial byproduct of the strength and durability of hollow metal is the low total cost of ownership. Properly installed and maintained hollow metal doors often last 30 years or longer. As the years pass, steel doors can be inexpensively repaired in the field while softer, less durable wood and aluminum doors will have to be replaced.
Today’s steel doors offer endless options for attractive appearances. Whether you are looking for a modern stainless steel appearance, a vibrant colored finish, or even a faux finish, steel’s versatility allows it to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of most projects. And don’t forget all those advantages of performance and longevity!
Steel doors and frames even help the environment, as steel is the most recycled material in the Planet.

Dorsmith Types

General Doors
This general purpose personnel/escape door is designed to cope with high traffic levels. These versatile doors can be fitted with door furniture to meet the most demanding specifications. Doors are available as single and double doors, to suit a wide range of applications.
Security Doors
Safe doors are designed to resist attempts at forced entry. The doors employ varying leaf and frame designs, panel thickness and reinforcing techniques to provide graded security levels. The grading descriptions allow an educated choice of security level. All doors are available for personnel or escape use.
Clean Room Doors
Specifically designed for use iN corrosive or coastal locations, Chemical Industries, Laboratories, food processing Industries and Hospitals. With a considered selection of zinc coated, galvanized and stainless steel materials coated with a hi-build marine grade colour finish, you can expect a considerably extended product life.
Acoustic Doors
Acoustic doors are built and tested, exceeding the high standards required by environmental and local authorities for today's leisure and entertainment complexes. The correct ironmongery is essential for stated performance. These doors can be used in auditorius, cinemas, media centers Industries and media.
These doors have been specifically designed to avoid immediate restriction from trespasses. It's built in design just looks like a panel. It has a wide range of applications for use in a sports complex and is often used by schools, sports centres, Auditorius, Theatres Malls, Hospitals, theatres, media, Confidential rooms, IT and Electronics and Government authorities.
Emergency Exit Doors
These doors are emergency exit doors are generally used at emergency circumstances. Usually this type of door comes with a special accessory named as panic bar. Panic door has a wide application for example is used in almost all Industrial, Commercial Complexes, IT and Electronics, Processing lines, Distribution centres, Cinemas ,Hotels, PowerStations, Hospitals, Universities, Leisure Complexes, Media centres,Military bases etc….
Stainless steel door
Stainless steel door are highly durable and better finished. Stainless steel full flush Construction rated for heavy-duty through maximum-duty use Ideal for high-style architectural environments: health care, pharmaceutical, sanitation, natatorium, water treatment, chemical plants, coastal areas Polystyrene core provides insulation characteristics and resistance to impact. The product life is even more than other type of doors.


Galvanized/Stainless steel/CR.
Corrosion resistant.
Maintainance free.
Easy to use.
Interlocking facilities.
Infill-Honey comb Kraft papercore/Mineral wool/Rock wool/Glass wool/PUF.
SS Hardwares.
Features and Benefits :
Designed for high performance and checked to suit a range of demanding conditions.
All Dorsets are designed and manufactured to suit besoke configurations and wall types.
Design flexibility afforded with CAD/CAM Technology ensuring total solution and consistent high quality.
Easy to install with doors preassembled in perfectly matching frames and hardare fitted as standard.
Low maintainance providing safe and secure access with a wide variety of colours.

Know How?

All doors are available as single and double door sets to suit a wide range of applications.
All doors are suitable for internal or external use.
Panels are 46mm thick, constructed from 0.8mm to 1.2mm GI/SS sheets depending upon the usage.
Panels are reinforced horizontally and vertically with 1.2mm GI steel channels.
Standard core is a cellular honeycomb (unless otherwise specified), expanded and bonded within the door under pressure giving a lightweight rigid construction.
Frames are constructed from 1.2 mm&1.6mm GI, folded to give standard or special profiles, butt joined and miter joints standard. Smooth and seamless for better maintenance and standard hygienic conditions.
Door faces are flush design and free of any joints, welds or seams. Steel stiffeners are bonded to face sheets.
Vertical edges are interlocked with a mechanical seam and reinforced with a reinforced epoxy resin, high viscosity, thicksotropic sealant.
Hinge reinforcements can easily be field converted to accommodate heavy weight hinges.
Total quality is ratified in each stage of production for Accuarcy and Quality.
Interlocked ,hemmed vertical edge seams for additional Rigidity.
Various Louvre and window options are available on most products.
Solid, louvred and glazed combinations are available with restrictions on certain Fire & Smoke and Acoustic products.

Door Hardware

SS Ball bearing butt hinges, Door Closures, Panic Latches, Locks, Handles, Pushplate, kickplate, Door seal view glass in shapes Circular, Rectangular & Square, Thresholds and Door seeps.
Dorsmith deals with the best hardware available. We deal with CE certified products to carry value and safety to our products.we are OEM dealers for M/S GEZE ,M/S Ingersoll-Rand & M/s HILTI.

Options Available

Steel doors are available with vision panels and louvers as per customer and application requirements.
Visions panel sizes:

About the Door

Door Technical Data's General Door Clean room doors Acoustic Doors Security Doors Limit Doors Fire Rated doors Stainless Steel Doors Emergency Exit Doors
Door Thickness 35 /46mm 46mm 46/50mm 46mm 46mm 46mm 35 /46mm 46mm
Core Honey comb Honey comb PU/Rock wool Honey comb+ Steel stiffened Steel stiffened+ Rock wool Steel stiffened + Rock wool Honey comb Honey comb/Rock wool+steel stiffened
Skin 0.8/1mm 0.8/1.2 mm 0.8/1.2 mm 1.2/1.6mm 1.2mm 1.2/1.6mm 0.8/1.2mm 1.2/1.6mm
Gal vanized Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edge Deign Hemmed edges&seamless edge upon request.

Standard Door Opening Sizes

Width :
Ft-in 2'0'' 2'4'' 2'6'' 2'8'' 2'10'' 3'0'' 3'4'' 3'6'' 3'8'' 3'10'' 4'0''
mm 610 711 762 813 864 914 1016 1067 1118 1168 1219
Sizes shown are for single doors only: equal pairs of doors use twice the width indicated.Pairs of doors can consist of two unequal widths.
Heights :
Ft-in 6'8'' 7'0'' 7'2'' 7'10'' 8'0''
mm 2032 2134 2184 2388 2438

Unique Operations

Sanding ensures the honeycomb is the proper thickness to fit within the door panels. The sanding also increases the surface area to which the contact adhesive can be applied, therefore improving the lamination.
Expanding the honeycomb ensures that the cell structure is at its optimum size. Honeycomb strength is determined by the cell size and structure.
The kraft honeycomb material is impregnated with a phenolic resin. The phenolic resin enhances the honeycomb by making the material resistant to decay, insects and vermin. The resin also makes the honeycomb resistant to moisture. The amount of the impregnation is controlled to prevent a brittle condition.
The honeycomb must be fully cured to ensure the strength, moisture, decay, vermin resistance and bonding strength are achieved.
Contact adhesives are used to bond the impregnated honeycomb to the door panels. Since contact adhesives are designed to adhere to one another, the contact adhesive is applied to both door panels and to both faces of the honeycomb. By coating all surfaces in their entirety a true bond is achieved across the width and height of the door.
A true bond is further ensured by passing the door and honeycomb assembly through a pinch roller process that exerts 500 pounds pressure per square inch.
Polystyrene solid core doors mounted in a frame that has been fully weather-stripped will provide an efficient insulating assembl for extreme weather conditions. The tested U-factor of the asser is .23.
Polyurethane solid core doors mounted in a frame that has been fully weather-stripped are designed to provide efficient insulating assembly for arctic weather conditions. The calculated U-factor the door is .09.
Baked-On Prime Paint
All Steel craft doors are supplied with a baked-on prime paint fini in accordance with ANSI A250.10. Before applying the primer, ft doors are thoroughly cleaned and phosphatized to ensure proper paint adhesion. The primer is an attractive, environmentally friendly neutral beige color and is suitable for field-applied finish paints.

Door Frames

DorSmith is a custom fabrication shop that is set up to fill the needs of just about any wall condition that you encounter. From nail flanges to double egress, DorSmith is prepared to make the frame profile that you need. Our skilled and experienced engineering departments ready for the challenge to make any custom profile you may require. While we would be more than happy to fabricate whatever profile is necessary for your project. Our sales team can advise you of your options with regard to profiles.
Double rebate frame standard sizes-143x57mm Single rebate frame standard sizes- 100x57mm & 100x69mm. Frame assembly available in Mitered,Butted and Welded.

Wall Anchors

Corner Connection

Drywall frame corners lock together as the frame is installed. The tab design prohibits the head from raising and keeps the head and jamb members in the same plane.
Flush frame corners are designed to lock together by bending over four integral tabs. The frame can also be welded and ground smooth.


To determine the hand of a door, view the door from the outside(the side that hinges are on is the hand of the door).
If the door swings away from the viewer, the hand is regular hand, i.e., right or left hand.
If the door swings to the viewer, the door is reverse swing or left hand reverse swing.

Frame Profiles

Door Construction

Door face sheets ( galv., stainless steel or G90 galvanized).
Door core: Honeycomb, polystyrene, polyurethane or fiberglass.
1mm GI channel-shaped steel stiffeners @ 6” on-center (o.c.).
3.1mm GI high frequency dual purpose hinge reinforcement with return bend for added Strength and rigidity. Hinge reinforcements can be easily field converted to accommodate-heavy weight hinges. 0.8mm hinge reinforcements are optional.
1.2mm GI inverted top channel projection welded to the door skins and tack weld at each corner for added rigidity. Vinyl cap at top; or metal cap at top (flush and water-tight) are optional.1.2mm door closer reinforcement—box style.
1.2mm GI inverted bottom channel projection welded to the door skins and tack weld at each corner for added rigidity. Metal cap at bottom (flush and water-tight) is optional. Standard shades: we offer Selected RAL shaded colors in Red, Blue, Green &Yellow.
Door Colours
Doors and frames are factory finished commercial grade, standard or custom based, full flush or seamless designs with flat blemish free surfaces. Doors and frames are neatly cleaned, primed and PU painted for a superior color finish.
Colours Available : GP Blue,Pearl White,Grey,RAL 9001 Cream shade,Soft grey and signal red.

Threshold Options

Door Finish

Doors and frames are factory finished commercial grade, standard or custom based,full flush or seamless designs with flat blemish free surfaces. Doors and frames are neatly cleaned, primed and electro statically PU painted for a superior colour finish.
Standard shades : we offer Selected RAL shaded colors in Red, Blue, Green &Yellow.


Steel Doors additional strength and support compared to wooden units and are also longer-lasting. A steel door and frame can be installed into any type of wall including drywall or masonry partitions. Unlike residential pre-hung units, steel doors and frames are typically installed separately from one another. To improve your chances for a successful installation, it's important to size the door and frame correctly and use the right tools and equipment for your particular project. Dorsmith can extend its Cooperation in Installation of doors and windows. We encompass a well trained Team of Professionals to take up the Installation and meet up your time frame.

Green Advantage

Dorsmith is proud to support green building and sustainability. The doors and frames contribute maximum number of possible credit for recycled content to the overall building Materials. These Doors are recyclable and have been as long as most any material. Furthermore the core insulation of our door requires less energy to cool or heat a building, saving considerable energy and also with enhanced life period unlike many other disposables used for Construction.

Customer Service

Dorsmith by not only supplying the best door possible but also having set an unparalleled working relationship with clients and advising them on their best options for any site related problems. Dorsmith believes that customer service is the key to success, once the doors are installed; we aim to maintain a relationship with building occupiers to ensure their satisfaction with our Product continuously. Our after sales team offers service and maintenances packages specifically structured to individual needs. Our teams are trained in servicing and repairing the full range of security as well as access systems. Our uncompromising dedication to value in our hollow metal doors and hollow metal frames is backed by a nationwide network of distributors and exceptional customer service that makes us the choice of contractors and architects throughout the country for hollow metal doors and hollow metal frames.